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Vehicle Tracking

A basis for remote vehicle monitoring is a small hardware device VT1 mounted inside the car. The device is actually an On board Computer with GPS and wireless communication capabilities that transfers all relevant information from vehicle to the fleet management center. It gives you straight answers to the questions like: where did the vehicle drive for the last, say, 10 days, where did it stop, how fast did it drive, was there over speeding moments, how many kilometers did it make, and much more.!

Real Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of vehicles as they move from place to place, halt for re-fueling and other stops is among the biggest advantages of vehicle tracking system Speed checks of vehicles, accurate location, refreshment breaks and other stops by drivers can be tracked as they occur. So once VT1 is installed in your vehicle you get live update of the movement of your vehicle on your computer connected to internet and also on your mobile through SMS.

  • VAdvantages

  • aTitle 2

  • Reduction of

    • eWorking hours.

    • eIdle time cost

    • eFuel costs

    • eVehicle thefts

    • eInsurance expenses

    • eCommunication with the driver expenses

    • Increase of

    • eDelivery speed

    • eLevel of organization

    • eTransport reliability

    • eAccuracy

    • eWork discipline

    • eBusiness productivity